Z-Series Titanium Automatic Mechanical Skeleton Wristwatch Orange

  • Case material: Titanium
  • Mechanism: Seagull Automatic
  • Case diameter: 40.8 x 48mm
  • Case thickness: 12.3mm
  • Strap material: Orange silicone, leather strap
  • Strap width: 22mm
  • Water resistance: 3ATM

Winner of the 2020 German National Design Masterpiece Award. The largest watch project funded to date.

Code: Z031-TITI-W15OG
Brand: CIGA Design
€336 €280 excl. VAT
Category: Watches

CIGA Design creates simple but innovative models that define watches as an object that illustrates luxury and refinement, from a completely different perspective. CIGA Design always impresses with its positive design concepts, which allow watch lovers to enjoy not only better products, but a whole different experience from everything you've come across before. Through strategic partnerships, CIGA Design is able to offer excellent products at affordable prices.

CIGA Design has partnered with Seagull, a manufacturer of watch movements used by a quarter of the world's mechanical watches. In this collaboration, CIGA Design and Seagull relied on Seagull's core movements to create custom mechanisms designed specifically for the CIGA Design range.

CIGA Design excludes traditional design, emphasizing a sense of power , enhanced by titanium and sharp lines. Z-Series Titanium Black is a watch about personality and explosions of individuality . Its extremely durable material is used in the aeronautical industry. It is 33% lighter than the usual Z-series watch, which is made of 316 stainless steel, respectively 53g compared to 74g. Water resistant .

Sapphire glass is more than just glass. Its strength is close to that of diamond. The glass of the screen can last a lifetime without being damaged.

The silicone strap is flexible, water resistant, has an original design and is very easy to change.

The custom SEAGULL automatic movement means that your own body is the one that powers the watches . Kinetic energy is harnessed from your activities and used to power mechanical motion.

Number of oscillations: 21600

Energy reserve: 40 hours


“The watch is amazing and refined, with the added benefit of customization with different straps in different materials and colors. Combining a sapphire glass and a clear-screen steel body with all the moving parts inside, the watch has exceptional hardness, which is a major factor for both those around you and the wearer. ” Jury Statement, German Design Award 2020

Conceived and designed as a book with many tabs, the packaging that wears the watches is as majestic as its contents.

Ciga Design Z Series Titanium

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